Corneal Infection

Yes, Stressed Drilon picture. Without any makeup on.

It was last Friday evening that I felt this stinging sensation on my left eye. I kept on blinking several times assuming that there’s a super minute object or something that got inside my eye. Then right before bedtime, tears are welling up and I forced myself to sleep hoping that next day everything will be fine.

Saturday morning was so difficult for me because I can’t even open my eye. It is so itchy and the stinging sensation is still there. I rushed downstairs and splashed cold running water, but.. my eye got so bloody red.. I’m so scared 😦 My boyfriend told me to place ice in a cloth then damp it over my eye. I did, and the redness was gone, but still, the annoying sting is still there!

Yesterday was the worst. I went to work thinking that everything will be fine. BUT.

I can’t even stare in my computer monitor for 10 minutes. I’m struggling 😦

So today, i went to an Ophthalmologist and had my eye check-up. Doctor said that I have Corneal Infection with slight abrasion. He asked me if I remembered an incident where my eye was scratched or something. I said none. But a month ago, I remembered that one morning when I wore my lenses then all of a sudden my left eye is crying. HAHA. Maybe those colored lenses are the culprit.

I will never ever wear lenses again!! :((

So I will wear this eye patch for 24 hours. Which means, I can’t go to work tomorrow 😦

Lessons Learned:

1. If there’s something wrong in your body, go to a specialist immediately.

2. Colored lenses are nice and may be trendy, but if you’re not comfortable wearing it, just throw it away!

I’ll definitely go to an Optometrist next and get a nice pair of eyeglasses 😀

Remember:  GEEK is the new SEXY!



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